The following are testimonials from some of our clients around the country

Lauren Dorning
(Knysna, Western Cape)

Using the services of Anywhere I.T has been nothing but spectacular. The online, remote support was fast, efficient and friendly. It was simple to download and install the remote program onto my machine from the website. Once it was installed I simply used the online chat function to explain my I.T issues. I sat back and watched as Clint took over my machine remotely and fixed my problem. There was no need to wait for a technician to service my laptop, it was the fastest and easiest I.T support I have ever received. With regards to the remote program and trust, I asked if Clint was able to get into my laptop without me being aware. He explained that the remote program will only connect to him if I grant permission, so my mind was put at ease that having the program on my laptop was not risk to me or my personal information. I would highly recommend this service to anyone, thank you Clint and Anywhere I.T for being my I.T service provider of choice”.

“Your service is out of this world and the concept is totally unique. No more hanging around waiting for someone to come to my Laptop, that’s a thing of the past”

Dear Clint
It has been more than three years now that you have serviced our IT needs and protected our data.
Don’t worry! This is not the lead up to cancelling our contract. In fact it is quite the opposite sentiment.
As you know we have just completed moving our plant all of 1km to our new premises. It has been a horror, but on reflection Anywhere IT was the one service provider who played their part in making the transition seamless. By all accounts Clint, you far exceeded my jaded expectations, as always, and I want to pass you a hearty thanks for being so consistent in your dedication too making our lives easier at Packology.
Last year we were hit by a diabolical virus which destroyed our primary servers, and infiltrated our back up servers which had not been disconnected as protocol demanded. I was stunned when my assistant told me that you were already on a flight to us. Even more miraculous was pre-emptive approach to backing up to cloud which saved us recapturing nearly a decade of data. Again, I don’t believe I have thanked you appropriately for the time and effort you put into getting us up and running then. If I recall correctly it was a pleasure for me to sign off on your bill for that job… and believe me that does not happen often when I am involved.
There have been so many more incidences since we procured your services which deserve thanks Clint. Please keep up the excellent attitude and service. No matter your geographical location, I look forward to having you to lean on in the times yet to come and would recommend you to anyone… except my competition of course, let them struggle.
Plenty Regards,
Brett Collett
Managing Director

Anne van Eeden owner of Miniads4u (Christiana, North West Province)

We have used Anywhere I.T many times over the last couple of years and can highly recommend their awesome remote service. We are in Christiana where I.T support is non-existent and Clint filled that gap. Hassle free, more than helpful service over and beyond what you ask for. Thank you Clint”

Anywhere I.T at your service !

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